Welcome to the Kringle Candle Fundraising Program

We are proud to partner with Meadow Farms Fundraising - the oldest and largest fundraising company in the Northeast - to provide outstanding service to fundraising organizations!

Meadow Farms Fundraising services the fundraising industry for nonprofit groups in the Northeast and beyond. They offer a wide variety of quality USA-made products, including candle and wax melt product selections from our Kringle & Country Candle brands.

Meadow Farms Fundraising has been committed to helping organizations support the programs and activities within the communities they serve and care about for over 50 years.  As the oldest and largest independent fundraising company in New England, their focus is offering valuable, top-earning and diverse fundraising programs; making it easy to choose the right one for you. Their new "Distance Fundraising" ensures easy online ordering and new direct-to-buyer shipping options, making fulfillment faster and safer and less hands-on, an easy streamlined approach for organizers and chairpersons.



  • A variety of scents & styles with Kringle & Country Candle's signature wax to fit and flatter and blend perfectly with all home décor (See more below)
  • Made in the USA
  • Jars that can be repurposed for storage and/or recycled
  • Kringle & Country candles emit a clean, even, highly fragrant burn, and offer robust, realistic fragrances, just like the original Yankee Candle
  • Meadow Farms' unmatched experience as the industry standard in cutting edge technology, product selection and customer service
  • Ordering & Shipping Delivery Options, including catalog or carry & sell programs
  • Chairperson/Organizer Tools to run an effective Kringle Candle fundraiser & much more!

Kringle Candle would be honored to serve as your fundraising choice. Starting a successful and profitable candle fundraiser with Meadow Farms is easy! To learn more and/or to book your fundraiser, please feel free to inquire below and a representative will be in touch to answer your questions! You can also visit: Meadow Farms Kringle Candle Fundraising.

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A Heritage in Fragrance ~ A Heritage in Candle Making

My very first candle was made in my basement in 2008 using an antique Queen Anne stove. Years prior, my father, Michael Kittredge II, would create a candle with his childhood crayons on that same stove for my grandmother’s Christmas gift. Within a year, that antique stove would become the heart of a tiny but fast-growing company he created called Yankee Candle.

Although I was young when he sold Yankee Candle in 1998, I very much recall growing up and learning in his world of wax and wicks. After working on a successful class project in which I made scented candles the theme and created and promoted, I approached my dad about expanding the idea into a business. Not long after, the Kringle Candle Company was born, and in 2010, we opened Kringle’s flagship retail store and showcased the exceptional candle collections we make right here in Bernardston, MA.


Today, Kringle Candle manufactures two candle brands:

Our Kringle Candle brand, in all soy, soy-blend and paraffin, and Country Candle, which was introduced in 2016, expanded our product line and offerred multicolor scented candles in the 2-wick classic shape that was very familiar to us as they were 40 years ago, and the perfect choice to feature our original Kittredge Family recipes of yesterday and today.

As a boy, I remember the chocolate bars and wrapping paper, the tapping on doors; asking family members (and their friends) to help me raise money for my class field trips. Those memories of door-to-door fundraising stuck with me, and shortly after our 2010 opening, we developed and implemented Kringle Candle fundraising programs. We're happy to partner with Meadow Farms to offer a wonderful selection of our products to help with your fundraising needs for your school or organization.