Rosemary Applerita | 3-wick Candle

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Rosemary Applerita — A Festive cider accord merges with the classic fall autumn fruits of red apple slices, sweet pear, and orange. Sugared Rosemary sprigs give it a fresh kick with cinnamon sticks and sugared crystals for a celebrative element.

Red Apple Slices, Sweet Pear, Juicy Peach Cider Accord, Orange, Sugared Rosemary Sprigs Cinnamon Sticks, Sugar Crystals

Introducing our new painted designer 3-wicks! This uniquely designed candle is highly fragrant, delivers wonderful fragrance the entire life of the candle and is our strongest!

  • 14oz 3-wick Painted Jar with copper hammered lid
  • 4” x 3.5” Dimensions
  • Ultra-fragrant, nice wax pool, ideal for mid- to larger-size rooms & for every occasion
  • 100% Soy Wax, natural, biodegradable
  • 3 wicks, 100% natural cotton fiber
  • Clean, even burn (up to 45+ hours)
  • Reusable & recyclable jar
  • Fragrance oil is maximum potency fragrance made with natural ingredients
Designed, formulated & tested by Mike Kittredge III (Son of Michael Kittredge II, Founder of Yankee Candle). Proudly Made in the USA.