Welcome to the Kringle Candle Fundraising Program

The Kringle Candle Fundraising Program partners with Meadow Farms Fundraising, a leading fundraising brand. A Kringle  Candle Fundraiser with Meadow Farms will help you raise money for your cause while providing your community with high-quality Kringle Candle products.

    About Meadow Farms Fundraising

    Fundraising since 1968, with over 50 years of experience and over 100 million dollars raised, Meadow Farms is committed to helping support the programs you care about most with high-quality and highly profitable fundraising to New England and beyond.

    Our fundraising experts are standing by to get your Kringle Candle Fundraiser started. 

    Visit: Meadow Farms Kringle Candle Fundraising. You can also Reserve Your Fundraiser to get started or request a free Info Packet.

    A Kringle Candle Fundraiser Gives You the Following:

    • Various Kringle Candle scents & styles - selected to please any supporter of your fundraiser.
    • Meadow Farms' unmatched experience as the industry standard in customer service, product selection, and technology
    • Ordering & shipping delivery options to suit your needs, including catalog, carry & sell, and flat rate shipping for $7.95
    • Chairperson/Organizer tools to run an effective Kringle Candle fundraiser
    • Meadow Farms' unmatched experience as the industry standard in cutting edge technology, product selection, and customer service
    • And much more! Contact us today to learn how easy and successful your next fundraiser can be!

    Kringle Candle Fundraising

    Catalog Fundraising

    Meadow Farms Fundraising proudly offers the ultra-fragrant Kringle Candle Fundraiser for your organization’s fundraiser.

    Have Questions?

    Call or email Kringle Candle's Fundraising.

    Virtual Fundraising

    Shop your Kringle Candle Fundraiser Online Anytime, Anywhere.

    Fundraising FAQs

    Yes, you can order online or through paper ordering/catalog. See above info/links.

    Yes, plenty of tools are provided! Meadow Farms Fundraising is there from start to finish. With nearly 60 years of fundraising, their experts help you select the easiest, most profitable fundraiser that best fits your needs.

    They will work with you to set up your fundraiser and offer tips and tools, including:

    • Email marketing templates

    • Fundraising ideas for every occasion

    • Information packet with product details & fundraising process

    • Chairperson Tool Packet

    • Prizes to motivate your participants with inventive incentives!

    • User-friendly online tools to log in, track progress and streamline ordering process

    • For more information and To request a Free Info Packet: Info Packet

    • There are no upfront costs when signing up & & 40% profit goes back to your group

    Questions about your order:

    • Meadow Farms fundraising experts are available by phone, email, and chat with any questions you have about your Kringle Candle Fundraiser.

    • If there are any questions about orders, shipping, tracking, etc., the customer service team is ready to help quickly resolve issues. 

    • Our customer service team is a part of the communities they serve - They care about the people in their communities, the schools they serve, and the programs and activities they help fund.

    • Your customer questions are handled by our team, never by you, a busy volunteer.

    Call Meadow Farms: 1-800-886-7895 or Contact Meadow Farms.

    • Orders can ship directly to each customer, no products are delivered to your school or organization, online shipping flat rate fee $7.95.

    • Paper orders can be shipped to your home at no cost, no minimum order.

    • Or you may choose to ship to your school (fundraising group) for free.

    • For schools opting delivery, inside delivery is provided.

    Call Meadow Farms: 1-800-886-7895 or Contact Meadow Farms.