Ice Cream Sandwiches 3-Wick Candle

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Ice Cream Sandwiches — Indulge in the delightful, whimsical world of ice cream sandwiches, where the playful aroma of rainbow sprinkles, macadamia nuts, and a sweet milkshake embrace the senses, conjuring the nostalgic joy of this beloved treat.

Rainbow Sprinkles, Sea Salt, Macadamia Nuts Ice Cream, Ruby Chocolate, Cotton Candy Vanilla Milkshake, Toasted Coconut, Tonka Bean

Introducing our new painted designer 3-wicks! This uniquely designed candle is highly fragrant, delivers wonderful fragrance the entire life of the candle and is our strongest!

  • 14oz 3-wick Painted Jar with silver hammered lid
  • 4” x 3.5” Dimensions
  • Ultra-fragrant, nice wax pool, ideal for mid- to larger-size rooms & for every occasion
  • 100% Soy Wax, natural, biodegradable
  • 3 wicks, 100% natural cotton fiber
  • Clean, even burn (up to 45+ hours)
  • Reusable & recyclable jar
  • Fragrance oil is maximum potency fragrance made with natural ingredients
Designed, formulated & tested by Mike Kittredge III (Son of Michael Kittredge II, Founder of Yankee Candle). Proudly Made in the USA.